What is Stockd?

We have partnered with Stockd, a Premier eCommerce marketplace to help provide our members with even more ways to save on products they need to help their business thrive. Simply stated, an eCommerce platform by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

What can stockd + Purchasing Connections do for you?

  • We provide Unlimited access to an online member-based marketplace that connects vetted suppliers that have the best product directly to our members. The Cheaper healthcare/business product solution period.

  • Stockd is a part of premier, which has all the industry leading healthcare experts to make sure our valued members are getting the best for less. See competitive pricing to ensure you’re paying best market price.

  • Non-healthcare? No problem, Stockd and its products serve a diverse community of providers and businesses alike. Stockd and Purchasing Connections have come together to ensure our members have the best products at the best cost. We are a member-based eCommerce platform serving our members so they can serve patients and customers best.

We are offering our members a FREE business membership.

and follow these steps:

1. Fill out the “New Business Form”.

2. USE CODE “PC” in the referral code box for member exclusive savings.

3. Check the box to agree to terms.

4. Click JOIN and boom!, eCommerce for your business just became easy.