A GPO Healthcare + Business Solution


Physician Practice

By providing effective solutions for office operating expenses, Purchasing Connections and its resources can make the difference between just getting by and thriving financially. The better operating expenses are managed, the more profitable the practice. Therefore, when connected to cost saving channels provided by Purchasing Connections all of these expenses become cost savings.

Surgery Centers

Today’s surgery centers are faced with the ever-increasing challenges of cost management, maintaining patient volume, improving reimbursement, and complying with state and federal laws – all while providing quality patient care. Of course, surgery centers must run as a business which can often distract providers from the top priority of caring for patients. So, with the Partnership between your center and Purchasing Connections, these operating headaches can dissipate along with unnecessary high expenses.


Laboratories are all in the name of patient services. However, as a business it is important to maintain margins while also providing great care – both presenting unique challenges. With streamlined supply-chain cost savings your expense and margin management can be automatic for your health service.

Imaging Centers

Purchasing Connections is here for you. We provide strategic purchasing solutions and operational support to help imaging centers prosper as overhead becomes less of a concern.

Other Healthcare Sectors:

Business & Industry

Educational Institutions

Today’s colleges and universities face several challenges, Including rising costs and the viscous decline of government funding. Moreover, the focus on long-term sustainability has become increasingly important. These trends are significantly affecting purchasing departments which are tasked to save money, drive the competitive bid process, and manage supplier relationships. Purchasing Connections is for the success of Educational Institutions big and small, campuses and online.

Religious Institutions

Serving Religious Communities and their needs are top priority. Providing cost reductions allows these organizations to become more efficient in their mission of growing their faith, following, and practice.

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, balancing priorities such as perfecting the customer experience and costs are constantly top-of-mind. Whether you are a boutique hotel or part of a large hotel chain, Purchasing Connections helps you improve your bottom line without compromising quality with our strategic purchasing solutions.

Property Management

Complex industry comes with complex purchasing. No matter if its building skyscraper or supplying Managed Properties with necessary operational tools, purchasing connections provides diverse spending solutions that ultimately lower expenses and drive efficiencies.

Other Business & Industry Sectors: