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More than product savings?

Most businesses think a GPO is solely for cutting expenses related to supplies and products they need. However, the bigger picture tells us that sometimes members might not realize the benefit of a GPO for cutting service related costs. So, what services are we talking about? It turns out just about everything. In today’s world the service industry is growing larger by the day. There are services for just about anything you can think of, so, it makes since that you leverage your GPO to save on services too. Thus creating guess free savings that allows you to put focus where it matters most: on your customers.

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What kinds of services do we mean?

What about credit card services? Businesses utilize credit cards everyday to increase cash flow, lower costs associated with credit card use, and for credit card processing. A GPO can save its members on credit card processing by leveraging its contracts allowing its members to lower fees associated with credit card use, therefore passing on greater confidence and savings to customers. 

Facility management? A good GPO will promptly educate its members of the potential savings they can achieve for their day-to-day operations. Here we are talking janitorial services all the way to IT maintenance. Medium and small businesses especially rely on technology now more than ever, furthermore making it difficult to afford technicians let alone an IT department to maintain their computing resources. Maintaining a healthy work environment is crucial for members so they can maintain customer trust and service excellence. 

Shipping freight? In order to best serve your customers, you must deliver the best services and products in a timely manner. Service saving can go beyond the 4 walls of your operation and save you, and your customers on the products they need the most. Inbound and outbound freight can make customer relationships that much stronger while also giving businesses peace of mind. 

It is important to understand the role of a GPO and how it can help your business save. Of course, across many different industries you find many different needs. This means not every GPO will provide optimal savings for your business. Premier is a great example of a GPO connecting millions of its affiliate members to healthcare specific cost savings. Learn how they do it.

Choosing a GPO is easier than you think. Just ask.

What kind of GPOs are out there?

A GPOs purpose can seem simple: to save businesses on products and services. However, not all businesses use the same products and services. So, it is important that a business uses a GPO that has members that all purchase similar supplies. For example, hospitals want to save on hospital products, so they need a GPO that focuses on hospitals because that GPO will have the strongest combined purchasing power for a hospital. That is how a business realizes true cost savings: finding the GPO that best serves their needs. 

Here is a visual that summarizes a GPO pretty well. 

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Have more questions?

Not sure what your business needs? In reality it might be hard for you to know right away, because the confusing world of GPOs doesn’t really answer the question simply. One thing is for certain, the right GPO is not far away. Which is the right GPO for me?

We are Purchasing Connections, a GPO with the answer to your GPO related questions. We would love to help you find your new GPO business partner. Of course, the aforementioned fact holds strong no matter who you talk to: not every GPO is right for your business. If we can’t help you, we will connect your business to a GPO that can. 


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