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What is a GPO?

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Who is Premier?

Premier is a nationally renowned performance improvement organization that is committed to delivering long-term cost savings to its members.

As a leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Premier negotiates discounts and creates savings programs on behalf of its members, which include large & small businesses across all industries.

We Are Your Premier GPO Membership Liason

As a Premier Sponsor, we guide our members through the multiple layers of GPO on-boarding and assist them with the ongoing management of their GPO membership.

Our specialists are experts at learning the cost saving needs of your business and leveraging your GPO membership to match you with the best supplier discounts on products and services.

We Are Your Group Purchasing Concierge

Connecting Organizations Across the Nation to Cost Savings

We provide our members with access to the aggregate spend and purchasing power of an integrated network of buyers who procure 1,000s of products and services daily. Our members save 20-25% on their day-to-day purchases.

We guide our members through the multiple layers of GPO onboarding and ongoing management so that they can fully optimize their GPO membership.

Headshot of Donna Bailey, CEO

Donna Bailey


Donna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a focus on Supply Chain & Operations Management, Inventory & Logistics. She has more than a decade of supply chain experience and uses her skills to lead her team in providing cost savings to members across all industries.